FAQs regarding LDE students

To help you to find you way, you will find the answers to questions you may have below.

I am a Leiden student and I want to do a minor at EUR. The minors at EUR are 15 EC; my minor is 30 EC. How can I fill in the remaining 15 EC?

The options for doing electives at EUR are extremely limited and it is not possible to do two EUR minors. Consequently, we advise you to fill in the remaining 15 EC with electives at Leiden University. To do so you need prior permission from your Board of Examiners. On the 'Flexible Minor Request’ form, fill in the electives and the EUR minor of your choice.

If you do wish to take electives at EUR, it is your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements. Check the University Guide to Elective Courses for the procedure that applies to each faculty.

I am a EUR student and want to do a minor at Leiden University. Is it possible to do this minor for 15 EC?

Yes. It is possible to do a ‘half minor’ at Leiden University for 15 EC. This is a set package of courses. However, the teaching period varies between minors: in some cases a block schedule applies; in others the half minor is spread over the entire academic year. For more information, please ask the contact listed in the e-Prospectus for the minor in question.

I am an EUR or TU Delft student and want to do a minor at Leiden University. Where can I find information about the schedule and the teaching period?

You will find a description of the minor and the corresponding courses in the e-Prospectus. To find the schedule, a link will direct you to the faculty schedule pages. Here you can find the teaching period for each course. If you have any questions or doubts, always get in touch with the contact listed in the e-Prospectus for the minor in question!

I want to register for a minor at a different LDE institution. How many minor preferences / registrations may I submit to my own institution?

In addition to registering for a minor at a different LDE institution you may also register for a minor at your own institution according to the usual procedure and quantities:

Institution LDE registration + Number of preferences own institution
Leiden students 1 registration TUD / EUR No restrictions regarding the number of registrations in uSis
TU Delft  students 1 registration LEI / EUR + max. 2 preferences in Osiris
EUR students 1 registration TUD / LEI + max. 5 preferences in Osiris

Which registration is given priority: the one for my own institution, or the other LDE institution?

The registration for a minor at a different LDE institution counts as a preference registration and therefore is given priority. Consequently, if you are placed in a minor at a different LDE institution the preferences of EUR and TU Delft students will be automatically deleted in Osiris. In that case, Leiden students should cancel their registration for Leiden minors in Usis themselves.

Exception: the placement in a selection minor at EUR and TU Delft are always given priority over registrations for other LDE institutions. Leiden University does not offer selection minors.

I want to change minors. Is this possible?

During the registration period from 1 through 31 May, the first registration applies to a minor at a different LDE institution. It is not possible to change either during or after the registration period. This is because 33% of the spaces are reserved for each other’s students in the month of May only.

Please note: other rules may apply with respect to changing minors at your own institution. Check your institution’s minor site.

How do I register as a guest student at the other LDE institution?

In order to be able to do the minor you must be actively enrolled at your home institution prior to 1 September. In addition, you must be actively enrolled as a guest student at the LDE guest institution prior to 1 September. This is necessary in order to gain access to education, exams and student facilities (Blackboard, student card, etc.)

Students in the LDE minor Responsible Innovation enrol at all three LDE institutions. Students in the Security, Safety and Justice minor enrol at TU Delft and Leiden University. EUR students must also enrol at EUR (the home institution).

To enrol as a guest student, follow the appropriate procedure described below for the LDE institution in question:

LDE institution Guest student enrolment procedure for LDE students
TU Delft You must apply via Studielink before you can apply for the minor. Instructions will be given in a print screen on the minor site.
Leiden University You do not need to do anything. The enrolment is processed via information exchange between the three LDE institutions.
Erasmus University Rotterdam You must upload a passport photo prior to 1 September using the link sent to you by email. You cannot be registered without a passport photo.

I have been accepted and placed in a minor at a different LDE institution. Where do I find details about when the minor starts, the timetable, the teaching materials, etc.?


Practical information about when the minor starts

Leiden University

The faculty offering the minor will send you more information about the starting date and practical matters regarding the course.

TU Delft

Go to http://studenten.tudelft.nl/en/students/education/welcome-new-student/


Go to http://www.eur.nl/english/minor/practical_information/

I have been placed in a minor at a different LDE institute, but do not wish to participate (for example because I will be doing an internship or an exchange, or will do a different minor). Where do I cancel?

  You must always cancel your registration if you decide not to participate in a minor. Depending on the LDE institute, the procedure is as follows:


Cancel via:

Leiden University

Contact for the minor

TU Delft




I have completed the minor. Will the credits I earned (EC) now be automatically registered with my programme?

No, this does not happen automatically. You are responsible for registering a list of marks for the minor with your own student administration. You will receive a list of marks for the minor as follows:


Obtaining minor list of marks


At the end of the minor you will receive a list of marks with all of the study results by post.


It depends on the faculty that offered the minor. Contact the student administration for the faculty in question.


You must report to the examination administration for the faculty in question in person with a valid form of identification. The examination administrations are located in the E Building on the ground floor in the corridor behind the ESSC desk in rooms EB-29 - EB-42. The examination administrations are open on weekdays from 9.00 to 16.00.





Last Modified: 19-04-2017