Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions and their answers about the Honours Classes. If you have any other questions relating to the Honours Classes, please send an email to:  

Am I allowed to take an Honours Class at another faculty?
Yes, we encourage you to do so! By taking an Honours Class at another faculty, you will learn about a new field of study. Furthermore, since the students in the Honours Class come from all sorts of disciplines, it will introduce you to other people’s views and thought processes, which in turn can be educational, inspiring, and fun.

What is the difference between an Honours Class and the Honours College?
An Honours Class is a short extracurricular course of 5 EC which you can take as part of the Honours College. Non-HC-students can also take an Honours Class, but not as an optional course as part of your Bachelor’s programme (see also below). The Honours College is the coordinating name for nine honours’ programmes; within one of those programmes, you will attend a course of 30 ECs alongside your regular studies.

I am not an HC-student, but I would like to take an Honours Class. Is this possible?
Yes, certainly. If you achieve good grades in your Bachelor's programme and you are motivated to take an extra course, you can apply for an Honours Class.

Can I apply for an Honours Class as an optional course/as part of the extra field of options within my studies?
No, unfortunately not. An Honours Class is an ‘extracurricular’ course (likewise, the Honours College is an ‘extracurricular’ educational programme). It is therefore not part of the regular Bachelor's programme (of 180 ECs). The credits obtained count as extracurricular credits on top of your regular Bachelor's degree. An Honours Class will be listed as extracurricular on your diploma supplement.

Will an Honours Class cost me more money or tuition?
No, an Honours Class is free of charge, except for certain costs you may incur for books or an excursion, for example.

Last Modified: 26-06-2017