International Leiden Leadership Programme students receive Honours Certificate!

The masterstudents who participated in the International Leiden Leadership Programme (ILLP), received their honours certificate at the festive closing seminar on 23 May in the Old Observatory (Sterrewacht). Congratulations to our international students!

After a stimulating seminar by Ruud Lek on how to write a speech for an international audience, the 19 ILLP students received their certificate. After working on their leadership and intercultural skills in trainings and seminars, and after completing the programme by writing a personal roadmap about the next steps in their personal leadership development, we were more than happy to award these students with their honours certificate!

The students gave the ILLP team a present with quotes about their experiences in the programme. Here are a few examples of these quotes:

"For me the ILLP was a unique opportunity to learn more about myself while meeting great people and having fun."

"The ILLP taught me about the most important kind of leadership; personal leadership. It enlightened me about my personal style and helped me better understand others."

"For me the ILLP was an interesting and welcome insight into a field different from what I normally study, as well as an informative contribution to my future career."

The closing seminar concluded with a tour of the Observatory and celebratory drinks in the sun! The Honours Academy thanks and congratulates the ILLP students on their contribution to and completion of the International Leiden Leadership Programme.

Last Modified: 18-06-2015