ILLP off to a flying start!

The second edition of the International Leiden Leadership Programme (ILLP) has kicked off with an inspiring opening at the Sterrewacht. Students shared personal experiences with one another linked to personal items they brought.

Personal stories

A student brought a picture of her and a Western politician as a symbol of her growing fascination with Western cultures and politics. Another student brought her old ballet shoes which symbolized a fork in the road for her. Other attributes for this very personal meeting were a backpack, a carrot cake and a wedding ring, for example.

Diverse group

The 24 master students who were recently admitted to the ILLP form a very diverse group. With 10 different nationalities and 15 different fields of study they each have their own approach. This will prove useful in the coming months in a very varied programme, including seminars on leadership theory and trainings in motivation, conflict resolution and group dynamics. Because of the international focus of the programme, the intercultural aspects of leadership play a very important role throughout.

What do I want to learn?

The last defining characteristic of the ILLP is student ownership. Students can set their own development goals and determine how to reach them. In the ILLP, this is done in two ways:
First, students develop their own ‘personal roadmap for leadership’ with their goals and plans based on input from assessments and skill trainings. Second, the participants organise 4 seminars on subjects related to their roadmaps with speakers of their choice.

The programme team are quite convinced that these students are once again very remarkable individuals who will develop their very own flavour of interpersonal and intercultural leadership.

The ILLP is one of the extra-curricular honours programmes of the Honours Academy. Do you want to know more about the ILLP? Have a look at ILLP website.

Last Modified: 27-01-2015