Former participants are keen to share their past experiences with the International Leiden Leadership Programme. See what they had to say below!

Nauman Janjua – M.A. International Studies

“The Programme was really awesome. You learn so much about yourself. Your qualities, your personality and more importantly, the areas in which you can improve to boost your leadership qualities. You are surrounded by ambitious, motivated and inspiring people from whom you learn so much throughout this programme. It also stands proudly on my CV and it helped me to land my first job in Dublin!”

The training sessions were intensive, inspiring and really aimed at developing all-round skills. They are instrumental in successfully completing this programme.”

I think that every motivated and ambitious students who is willing to dedicate him/herself to this programme will benefit from it in the long term. I would recommend it to everyone!”

Mythe de Jong – M.A. Medicine

“It is fun to immediately be confronted with leadership practices during the Assessment. During the Programme you incrementally learn more about yourself and you are given the opportunity to develop your own leadership skills. I also really liked meeting other motivated students.”

Carmen Echeverria – M.A. Law

“I found the ILLP a challenging programme that can be very useful for those who like to work within an organisation or who would like to make a difference in this world. I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about my personality and about how to use my competences to lead.”

Last Modified: 24-02-2015